Monday, 30 January 2012

Audubon Mobile Field Guide Apps

If you research North American species, or work or holiday in North America and need to know what that insect / bird / mammal / fish / plant / amphibian / spider / marine organism you just saw was then maybe the Audubon Mobile Field Guide apps are for you! 

According to the National Audubon Society the apps feature "high quality photographs, range maps, animal sounds and and the ability to create your own lifelists and record sightings".

The apps can be downloaded to iPhone and iPod touch, iPad, Android, NOOK Color and Kindle Fire devices.

There's also an African wildlife field guide app. 

There is of course a fee for all of these. Find out more at:

The Audubon Society also provides field guides online on their website. You need to register (for free) to access the online guides, which, as well as the apps, provide: information on 5,548 North American species, species identification by quick guide, family/taxonomic/common name, and advanced search; reference content including 2,300 bird songs and calls; 8,000+ photographic images; natural history, family descriptions, taxonomy, habitat, endangered species, community etc.; the ability to create lifelists and record sightings.

See their website for more information at: