Thursday, 25 October 2012

New e-books purchased in Zoology

The Balfour Library has purchased some new e-books! 

They are available via the online library catalogue, LibrarySearch at: Alternatively, I have provided direct URLs by the title of each book:

Evolution and belief: confessions of a religious paleontologist, by Robert J. Asher. Cambridge University Press; 2012.|eresources|83158

Gaining ground, 2nd ed., by Jennifer A. Clack. Indiana University Press; 2012.|eresources|83190

Wild hope, by Andrew Balmford. University of Chicago Press; 2012.|eresources|83191

There is also a sticker on the front of the printed versions of the books to tell you that there is also an e-copy and how to access it - just like in the photo above!