Monday, 16 May 2011

Flickr Photostream of photos of the Zoology Library!

Rachel Marsh and Angela Pittock from libraries@cambridge visited recently to take some photos of the Balfour Library to post in a Flickr Photostream.

They are visiting as many libraries as they can and have posted some other Cambridge library Photostreams already. It was great to see them both, to have a chat about libraries@cambridge things, and to show them around our lovely library!

Rachel took some great and quirky photos, I hope you will agree. Also included are some photos that I took a while ago.

See the images here at: You can also click on 'Detail' to show captions that accompany the photos. You can also click on the 'Slideshow' button to view the images as a slideshow (then click on 'Show info' to display the accompanying captions).